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Young Readers

I was graciously allowed to post this wonderful picture of someone who I hope learns to enjoy reading as we all do. I assume you do if you are reading this blog. Cause I’m an author and I write things.

I adore this photo, not because it has my first novel appearing in it, but because it immediately reminds me of how much I loved instilling the love of reading into my own children. Every night when they were little was story night read by me. The would press up on either side of me in the King-sized bed and stare wide-eyed at the pictures or words.

Each night was either a published story, or one pulled from my own imaginings. My own story was The Magic Forest; a land I made up for my kids where they would squeal with joy when I put them into the story and gave them adventures. This was a land with buttercups filled with whatever you wanted to drink. A Queen of the Bees who flew them around to see the flower fields. A non-stop talking bubbling brook running with soda pop. And a village of Teddy Bears who thought James and Katherine were the best kids ever.

Stories are memorable and stay with you – well the good ones do.

Please read to your children. They’ll love you all the more for it. Here are links to reinforce the concept:

Edit: Here’s another link, graciously provided to me from the SEO of the site:

And another one:

Night, night and don’t let the bed bugs bite…


P.S. To the person who sent me the picture and to the mother of the beautiful girl featured here: what a beautiful little girl/granddaughter you have! You know who you are! You have my most sincere thanks for sharing.