valentine's day special

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is coming? It is. Before that, I want to apologise. It has been a while since my last post. Real life is simply getting in the way and I am trying to make a significant career change. None of that is important right now.

At the moment I want to let everyone know that in a sudden act of generosity I have decided to offer Leaf and Branch for FREE just in time for Valentine’s Day. The novel will be free from February 10-14th, inclusive. That’s a pretty sweet deal! It’s like me giving you $5 USD!

leaf and branch 3d coverWhy? Because books are wonderful things and fill me full of warm fuzzy goodness. And I’m a sucker for romance. I want everyone to have that feeling for a little while. So get a hold of Leaf and Branch while it’s free and send it to your significant other! I can’t promise they’ll love you more, but they sure will be appreciative!

Since I am here writing things I should update where I am with the world. For those that do not know, the story on me in the Royal Canadian Navy’s Crowsnest was picked up by Vanguard magazine; which is the oldest military magazine in Canada. I have also now been approached by Military Family Magazine for an Avid Reader article that I hope to see published soon. I’m pretty pleased with the sudden interest. I love to write and I love to have people read my novels. Hopefully, this helps get the word out.

Stoc is progressing albeit very slowly. I have a good friend providing excellent Alpha feedback. Not bad feedback for an American, actually. I’m going to have to keep this engineer physicist around… I still plan to publish this summer.

As always, please leave reviews on my novels.