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Canadian Military Family Magazine

I am pleased to report that the Canadian Military Family Magazine ( has done a piece on me under their Avid Reader section. It’s a lovely two paged glossy write up with a section on me and a section where I got to recommend novels that inspire me. I have no idea where you can get the magazine if you are interested – especially outside of Canada. I do know in Barrhaven you can pick it up at the Sobey’s Grocery Store for free by the door. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the latest issue there yet.

Here’s a pic of the inside. Sure hope this is legal to post here!

Valentine’s Day Special – Free Novel

valentine's day special

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is coming? It is. Before that, I want to apologise. It has been a while since my last post. Real life is simply getting in the way and I am trying to make a significant career change. None of that is important right now.

At the moment I want to let everyone know that in a sudden act of generosity I have decided to offer Leaf and Branch for FREE just in time for Valentine’s Day. The novel will be free from February 10-14th, inclusive. That’s a pretty sweet deal! It’s like me giving you $5 USD!

leaf and branch 3d coverWhy? Because books are wonderful things and fill me full of warm fuzzy goodness. And I’m a sucker for romance. I want everyone to have that feeling for a little while. So get a hold of Leaf and Branch while it’s free and send it to your significant other! I can’t promise they’ll love you more, but they sure will be appreciative!

Since I am here writing things I should update where I am with the world. For those that do not know, the story on me in the Royal Canadian Navy’s Crowsnest was picked up by Vanguard magazine; which is the oldest military magazine in Canada. I have also now been approached by Military Family Magazine for an Avid Reader article that I hope to see published soon. I’m pretty pleased with the sudden interest. I love to write and I love to have people read my novels. Hopefully, this helps get the word out.

Stoc is progressing albeit very slowly. I have a good friend providing excellent Alpha feedback. Not bad feedback for an American, actually. I’m going to have to keep this engineer physicist around… I still plan to publish this summer.

As always, please leave reviews on my novels.


Piracy and Copyright Infringement

UPDATE #2: Amazon sent me a very nice explanation email. Here is what Anne Tarpey, the Amazon Trademark Agent, said:

“Thank you for your e-mail. The Kindle title, “DUILLEOG: Druids Novel” ASIN: B01N9CSV4N was removed from sale on Our North American sales records do not reflect any sales of this item while it was active. The appropriate group is currently investigating this publisher. For privacy reasons, the results of their investigations cannot be disclosed, but be assured they will take any disciplinary actions they find appropriate.”

UPDATE #1: The offending novel has been taken down from Amazon. This happened yesterday, December 10, 2016, sometime in the afternoon. Still no word from Amazon.

Yesterday I was working on the details of my new release for Leaf and Branch. As I am wont to do, I went to Amazon and typed in my first novel title. This lets me quickly get to my author bio and copy it. When I typed in my novel and hit enter I found myself looking at another novel with a very similar title: Duilleog: Druids Novel. My alarm bells went off.

I clicked the book and found myself looking at a very badly done cover and the name of an author called “Park Michael”. I clicked the novel to look inside and noticed, one, the copyright detail was not there, two, it was a complete cut and paste from my novel, Duilleog, A New Druids Novel, Volume 1. This asshat had blatantly stolen my novel and was selling it on Amazon. I want to be clear here: it is a COMPLETE copy of my novel. Word for word.

I have sent a copyright infringement notice to Amazon and I am STILL waiting on word back. It’s been over 24 hours now. Meanwhile, needing a shoulder to lament on, I went over to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Author group on Facebook and told them – and my personal Facebook page. Their support and the support of my friends has been nothing short of spectacular. Moral support. Sympathy. Everything I could need. PLUS, they have flooded the pirated novel with one-star reviews and warned the world it was a plagiarised novel. My faith in humanity restored. They have all levelled up, IMHO.

Meanwhile, this pirate is selling my novel. Amazon needs to be more responsive. This is without a doubt a blatant theft. I fail to understand how Amazon could allow the publishing of something so clearly plagiarised. In Staff College, I had to submit my essays through Turnitin. Surely to Gaea, Amazon could run submissions through something similar. It’s not hard. The novel was at least two years of my life if not more. Hard work, sweat, tears, frustration, joy, and everything in between – only for someone to scan it, post it, and sell it as if it was their own. It’s criminal.

I’ll update when I have more news.

Black Friday Sale

I am doing a Black Friday sale with my two novels on Yes, that is correct: the New Druids series will be on sale!

Duilleog eBook Cover August 2016_GOLD


The first novel, Duilleog will be FREE starting November 22nd straight through to Saturday, November 26, 2016. Yes, free. My GeBA Gold award winning novel will be FREE for five days!





The second novel, Craobh will be on countdown starting at $0.99 USD and going up a dollar every couple of days – so get it early. This is my GeBA nominated novel, folks!


This is my first time doing this – hope it interests you!


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