Are the major publishing houses dying a slow painful death? The following is an outstanding article written on the blog site of one of my favourite authors, Hugh C. Howey. He wrote an amazing series of novels of a dystopian world that I highly recommend. Here is the link to the first in the Silo series: Wool.

Why is he one of my favourites? It’s because he started as a self-publishing author and put a short story up for sale on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. It became the Wool Omnibus and led to his other great novels. So for me, as a self-published author, he is someone to be admired. He wrote the article below on his blog site and I hope it’s okay to publish this on my own blog. I’m going to contact him and let him know. He might get mad at me. Hope not.

Anyway, I digress. The traditional publishing community is in a very real danger of collapsing down to something unrecognisable from today. Have a read and comment on what you think. I also encourage you to check out Hugh’s blog – it’s fun: 

A Peek Behind the Curtain