I finally have my first novel, Duilleog, in with the editor over at Metamorphosis Editing. I’m pretty excited about it. The revision work took me a long time to do but only because I was finding it hard to find time to actually sit down and do the work. But it’s done and it’s in and I can kind of relax now for a bit and focus on other projects. Such as moving back to Canada with my family.

You might be interested to note that after I sent the novel to Metamorphosis I sat down to just read my story while trying to reach a place of “reader” rather than “writer” and I was successful for a little while. I actually enjoyed reading my own novel! Go figure. Then I found more typos and that was it – back to editing again. There is a certain pleasure in having completed the amount of work that goes into a novel at this stage in its creation. I’ve written over 112,000 words in this novel and about 50,000 words written in the second novel (Stoc). And I complain when I have a 4,000 word essay due for my course.  Too funny.

Anyway, the novel should hopefully be back by the end of the month. Then I can make the recommended changes and THEN I can finally publish it. So mid-May is looking pretty good for now. I’ll let you know. Promise.

What a journey so far!