So I have missed my own assigned deadline for my first novel. It has sat untouched for a few months now. I have lots of excuses though. I wrote a cookbook and had it printed. That’s one excuse. I started a Distance Learning staff course in September and that may have been the biggest mistake.

I’ll complete the course – I have no choice – but it was a mistake because it thrust me firmly back in military writing AND it eats up just about all my spare time. More accurately it eats into the spare time I had allotted to writing. And to be more honest, the course demands a lot of writing and after a while you get tired of writing.

I haven’t forgotten my book. It won’t let me forget. It whispers to me all the time. Spooky stuff. My goal is to get it to my editor BEFORE I turn fifty.

The good news. There has to be some, correct? The good news is that I am more ‘sure’ that the first novel is correct in its present format. It is in two parts, you see. The first part is all lovely fun stuff with a great character. The second part is really gloomy stuff but critical stuff. I was thinking of merging the two and I have really thought long and hard about that. I have decided not to. I am happy with the way it is. So there nagging brain voice. Shut up already!

More good news. I have solved a problem in my other novel. My sci-fi one. I just need oodles of time to write it now.

Lastly, I have the most amazing gem of a new idea for a story in my head. It makes me giddy just thinking about it. I mean, it really excites me and I need that to write it. Its urban fantasy and life after death and other stuff and it just kind of hit me one night as I was trying to go to sleep. Why is it that all my great ideas happen when I am trying to go to sleep? And why is it that I solve my writing problem whilst I am running? No idea.

Speaking of running, I’m doing this:  George Washington Parkway Classic 10 Miler. Should be fun! It will be my first race in a new age category of M5059.  That’s good, right?