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I was asked to submit a blog entry for the Southern Writers Magazine. I was quite pleased and was allowed to submit what I liked provided it helped writers. So I picked a subject dear to my heart: editing. If you click the cool button on this post it will take you to my entry.

In other news, I successfully completed the NaNoWriMo with a couple of days to spare. Here’s a fun story: I was so happy to have completed the challenge I decided to purchase their “I am a Winner” t-shirt, to celebrate. It cost $16 USD. I hesitated then said “why not?”. I then went to my cart and found out the shipping was a whopping $16 USD. “Wait a moment,” I said. I scratched my head and thought maybe it isn’t worth it. “Hogwash! It totally is!” I answered and smashed the check out button.

Fast forward a little over a week later. I get a notice from Canada Post saying I have to pick up a package at the nearest outlet. I head over and I find out I am being charged $12.77 CAD for a handling fee. No duty, but taxes, and they added a $9.99 CAD handling fee. “What!?” I exclaimed to the poor girl behind the counter. She shrugged and happily ran my card.

Back home, I went to the Canadian Border Services Agency website and found out that any small packages that require hands-on inspection get charged a $9.99 handling fee – EXCEPT when no duty AND/OR taxes is charged. I was charged $2.76 CAD in taxes, so CBSA added $10 more bucks. Cause, why not? I feel robbed, truly. My $16 USD t-shirt cost me around $45 CAD. Woah is me. And it’s really a cheap t-shirt. Dammit!

I hate the border stuff. I was once charged $20 CAD by a company that arbitrarily scoops up packages at the border and delivers it to you. Cough. DHL. Cough. I hate those guys. They grab your package and hold it hostage until you pay up. This is not a duty. This is ON TOP of the shipping and handling you already paid the company that shipped it to you. It’s a scam, all supported by CBSA. Grrr. If I buy a dozen of my novels to sell I then have to add that increase.

I wonder how their business model works?

“Hey, our quarterly revenues aren’t as high as last quarter,” says corporate exec #1.

Corporate exec #2 looks up from his rare wagyu steak, which he has just covered in ketchup. “No, really?”

“Yeah. Dammit. Call the border, tell them to scoop up, I dunno, say another thousand parcels? That should work out to a new Mercedes! Bahahaha!”

“Bahahaha! Make it two thousand!”

They laugh for an hour and then head home in their BMWs.

That’s how I see it going down….

New Author Interview

The Dorset Book Detective was kind enough to want to interview me. The interview can be found here. Many thanks to Hannah Stevenson for approaching me to do it. It’s always a pleasure to talk about me, me, me. Haha! Just kidding. It actually makes me cringe a little inside. BUT, it does get the word out about my New Druids series.

In other news, I am just shy of 40K words in NaNoWriMo for my fourth novel, Freamhaigh. I am loving that NaNoWriMo forces me to commit to 50K words for the month. It’s just the right amount of chutzpah to motivate me. My last novel dragged in my writing and as such, I was very late in publishing it. No more! Freamhaigh is scheduled for an early May 2018 release at this rate. That’s my goal and I will stick to it. Promise!

I would like to shout out to the Ottawa Chapter for NaNoWriMo. The MLs planned and hosted a couple of write-ins at some local Barrhaven cafes. Great atmosphere for writing. I also now have heard more about female superheroes than I ever did. Thanks, ladies!

Emailing Trees

Emailing Trees in Melbourne, Australia.

I love this story posted in The Atlantic. I’m not a tree-hugger, but I love nature and understand the importance of trees to our continued existence on Earth.

In other news, NaNoWriMo continues! I’m now up over 30K words in Freamhaigh.


San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Huzzah!  I have been accepted and now registered as a professional for the San Diego Comic-Con 2018 from 19-22 July 2018!  Plus I just registered a guest to attend with me. All four days plus the preview night. So excited!

In other news, I was asked to do a guest blog spot for the Southern Writer’s Magazine. They can be found here:

It will be some time before the blog goes live. I’ll let you know when.
Lastly, Stoc sales have slowed. If you bought the novel, thanks, now please leave a review!  If you haven’t bought it, what’s stopping you?

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