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Duilleog Now Free

Duilleog cover with Global Ebook Award Nominee badge.

Duilleog cover with Global Ebook Award Nominee badge.

In advance of the publication of Craobh: A New Druids series, Volume Two, I am now offering Duilleog: A New Druids series, Volume One for FREE over at Smashwords. This should allow those who want to dive into my world unfettered access to the start of the story. My new editor, Miranda Schmidt is doing a wonderful job in making my mess readable.

My new editor, Miranda Schmidt is doing a wonderful job in making my mess readable. Craobh is a terrific continuation of the Will Arbor storyline and the return to Belkin should make most people happy and aching for more.

This second go-around at writing has been much easier. Sadly, real life keeps interfering. I long for the day when all I have to do is write! Spread the word folks!

Craobh will be published on May 31, 2016, on Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Duilleog: A New Druids Novel, Volume One

Duilleog: A New Druids Novel, Volume One

I’ve pulled my book from Kobo and Smashwords and placed my novel on Kindle Unlimited (KU). Amazon will not allow a book to be placed on KU if it is available elsewhere. This will be for a limited time and it truly won’t effect anything.

Duilleog on Amazon.com

Getting the Word Out and Marketing

So Much Work To Do

Getting the word out and marketing your book is hard. This is not a whine. I am merely underlining and highlighting the grief of being an author for you so you have a better understanding. There is so much I simply did not know about writing. I actually thought: I’ll write this, stick it up, and the book will sell hundreds of copies without me having to do a thing. Not true as it turns out. Insult to injury: I have now learned your first book is usually a dud and that it takes a couple of books before you start generating buzz and interest. That’s a jagged pill to swallow.

My euphoria of publishing my first novel lasted about two weeks. Hmm. Maybe three. It was really awesome and I loved it and I rolled in it like a pig in the mud. But nothing that joyous can last forever. Except: my box of trade paperbacks showed up and seeing a box full of books with your name on it rocks pretty hardcore. Anyway: The harsh reality I am getting at is making people notice my book amongst the 4,500 books that appear on Amazon daily is a difficult thing to manage. It is a full-time job just browsing support social media sites. There is so much “help” and “advice” out there you feel like you are drowning. Wheat and the chaff and all that stuff. I am feeling like that pig in the mud but now  wondering how I got so dirty.

So: I have to start focusing on my next novel Craobh and trying to set aside all the marketing effort on the first. FYI: I spend hours every day reading and finding ways to spread the word socially about Duilleog.

I’ve pretty much run out of any new ideas and so Duilleog will sit on Amazon and hopefully a miracle will happen (which if you know me you know that I can’t possibly believe that will happen – ).

So back to blogging and writing and all that other stuff. Craobh is slowly being written. I am currently introducing a new character called Nadine the Herbalist. She’s important to Will Arbor. I really like her. I really do.

One last thing, my family is moving back to Ottawa in only three weeks. I knew it would happen fast but seriously?


Duilleog, A New Druids Novel, Volume One, for sale!

Duilleog: A New Druids Novel, Volume One

Duilleog: A New Druids Novel, Volume One

Duilleog, A New Druids Series novel, Volume One, is now available for purchase in all formats:

CreateSpace Trade Paperback
Kindle Version on Amazon.com
Kindle version on Amazon.ca
Kobo version on Kobobooks.com
Smashwords versions (all eBook formats)
iTunes for iBook

Here’s the write up:

Visit a land where druids have all but been eradicated and Gaea stands on the brink of wiping out mankind. Join Will Arbor as he awakens his legacy of druidic powers and begins a journey of self-discovery.

Enter a world where the Church of the New Order seeks to destroy this last druid, remove the Lord Protector, and regain their control over the lives of the people of the Realm. Witness the horrors that only men with greed and lust for power can unleash.

This is a book that explores the strength of reason, the beauty of nature, and the lies of religion. A young man, ripped from his family, has raised himself in the wild and discovered a talent and love of nature and harmony. Duilleog captures the joy of his journey to discover truths and his own strength in the face of adversity.

Read as one young man tries to change the world.

Duilleog is the first volume in The New Druids Series. The next volume, Craobh, is due out Winter 2015, and will continue that voyage of self-discovery before culminating in the third volume, Stoc, due out Winter 2016.


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