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Ottawa Bytown Market

For anyone in Ottawa: I will be selling trade paperbacks versions of The New Druids series novels Duilleog and Craobh on August 7th from 10am to 4pm at the Ottawa Bytown Market. I will be happily signing them as well. The Bytown Market is a thriving business area and hosts a wide variety of vendors and the like. The City of Ottawa graciously provides an area for Ottawa authors to sell their novels. Free for the asking for vendor space.

The following week on August 13th, I will be at the Author’s Market at the Ottawa Parkdale outdoor market from 10am to 4pm (provided I have books left to sell). This is another City of Ottawa run event and they have provided me space with any other Ottawa author who cares to participate.

If you were waiting for a chance to get your hands on the book and hate eBooks, this is your chance. I will only have two dozen of each novel so get there early and maybe do a little produce shopping at the surrounding booths.

I hope to see you there!

Lastly, I’ve chosen my logo! Thanks to everyone that voted!

Copper Penny Publishing Logo

Copper Penny Publishing Logo

Copper Penny Publishing

Copper Penny Publishing Logo 1

Copper Penny Publishing Logo 1

Copper Penny Publishing Logo 2

Copper Penny Publishing Logo 2

So, many of you might of noticed that I published Craobh under my publishing company “Copper Penny Publishing”. Well, I had a couple of logos made up for it. Let me know which one you prefer down below in comments. I’m a fan of the first one if I can be honest with you.

Not sure where I will be using it other than on the copyright page in my novels. Shrug. Business cards, maybe.

Marketing News

On another note, the Ottawa Byward Market is having free Author’s Markets. I sign up and they give me a booth and I sell my novels. I’m going to give it a try in August. I’ll provide details once I have committed.

Amazon Giveaway

Craobh eBook Cover

Craobh eBook Cover

For those interested in getting your hands on Craobh: A New Druids series, Volume 2, then head over to Amazon and try your luck getting it for free!  Give Away Link!

This is a sample try of this service for me. Depending on how it works I will probably do more. Sorry: It is for US customers only.

Until then, if you haven’t picked up Duilleog, Volume One then head over to Smashwords to pick it up for free.

I won’t be keeping my books up for long over at Smashwords or Kobo. I’m just not generating hits there. Plus if I solo with Amazon I can enter my books in Kindle Unlimited.

Can-Con in Ottawa, October 30-November 1, 2015

Who do I ask for permission?

Can-Con Logo (used without permission).

So Can-Con is coming to Ottawa. I heard about this through the Ottawa Writer’s Circle. Some of the organiser’s belong to OWC.  So I registered already. Here’s what has me excited: I get to pitch my novel to select Canadian publishing companies. I have signed up for three and will wait to see the others. You can only sign up for three online for some reason.

One company only publishes Science Fiction and prefers Canadian content novels. So I am happily going to pitch Symbiotic Patriotic, my Sci-Fi novel. It has gathered dust, but I can breathe new life into it. This novel takes place in present day and starts in Algonquin Park before heading to Ottawa. Hopefully, this meets their desires. I LOVE this story but stopped writing it because I didn’t think I could write it properly. I’ve changed my mind. I totally can. It is a novel about someone discovering ancient nanotechnology. ‘Nuff said.

But it is Craobh I want to pitch and with it Duilleog. I would love to get picked up by a publishing house. That would make my day. Editing would come with it and hopefully a much better polish on my writing. Here’s what people don’t realise: almost everyone can write. It just comes down to just how much work someone who is professional at editing has to do to get your novel into mainstream quality for publishing. Oh, and you need to tell a good tale. But that just takes imagination.

Enough babbling. I’ve work to do.


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