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Quick Update

So I have stopped my review request campaign. Turns out that this is rather rude. It’s like telemarketing. Luckily, one of the first people I sent an email to is an author who has a rather acerbic wit. She led me to her website that deals with authors who would spam others. It had excellent advice and I am in the process of implementing the advice.

On a more positive note, I have now included a widget on my website. It’s on the right-hand side and it is a graphic from Pacemaker that shows how many words I have written in my novel Stoc. I need to write about 50,000 words to finish the novel. I finished Part One yesterday at around 48,000 words. That will bring the novel to around 100K words which is the right number of words for my novels, I think. 120K words is a little too much.

Anyway, now you can track my progress!


Too Much Material!

Stoc: A New Druids Novel, Volume Three

Stoc: A New Druids Novel, Volume Three

By the Word! I have Too Much Material! My wordsmithing skills are getting wordier. The more I write the third novel in the New Druids series the more I have to say. I outlined Stoc months ago and now that I am finally putting pen-to-paper [a colloquialism] I am rapidly discovering that the story can’t be told in 400 pages. I could – but I would be removing so much. You might remember that this happened during my first novel. I had an epiphany and realised I was well into my second novel.

Quite possibly I simply suck at creating outlines…

In any event, decisions will need to be made at some point. I’ll know more once I complete Part 1: Parry. This is not a bad thing. It just means that the final closure on the main story arc will be delayed somewhat.

The good news is that I have written over 25,000 words. I’m in the groove and loving it. I love this story and the characters. I hear their voices in my head when I write their dialogue. They surprise me often. Words come out of their mouths that I did not expect.

Yup. Crazy. I’ll update more in time.

Since I am here, I want to welcome all the fine folks over at the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Other Genres Facebook public page. Great group people!


Stoc Underway At Long Last

Stoc: A New Druids Novel, Volume Three

Stoc: A New Druids Novel, Volume Three

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been so very caught up in other activities and to be honest I’ve been resting on my self-created laurels since I released Craobh.

Well, I have good news. Stoc is now being written and I’ve thrown together about 15,000 words. The prologue and first two chapters are complete in the first draft. It is consuming me and the story needs to get out! I can tell it will be a long novel (~135,000 words) and I am starting to think that perhaps I need to push some into the fourth novel, Freamhaigh. This happened to me with Duilleog. With Craobh not so much. Anyway, this is a series after all. I’m pretty excited about Stoc. It gets much more worldly. Up until now, I’ve left the storyline with Will and few others. I’ve hinted at a larger underlying theme but Stoc exposes it. I am so excited to finally be able to write about it and nervous as heck to reveal it. Gaea will guide me, I hope!

Changing tack: A curious thing happened over at to me. All my five-star reviews for Duilleog disappeared. I have a new one (thanks, R. Sailor!), but find it strange the others disappeared. I’ll have to ask Amazon what happened.

Speaking of reviews. If you’ve read my novels please be kind and leave a review on Amazon. Reviews are what pushes my novels into more mainstream. Good or bad, please take the time. Being a self-published author (or Indie Author if you prefer that) is hard work. Writing the novels is so much easier (and fun) than the marketing piece. I spend hours and hours every week on social media trying to get the word out. So help a dude out and spread the word and leave a review!

A Third Volume in A New Druids Series

Duilleog: A New Druids Novel, Volume One

Duilleog: A New Druids Novel, Volume One

Craobh: A New Druids Series, Volume Two

Craobh: A New Druids Series, Volume Two

Stoc: A New Druids Novel, Volume Three

Stoc: A New Druids Novel, Volume Three

A third volume will now be added to the New Druids Series. It seems that it is growing in size in my head. I had epiphany flying back to DC Friday night while I was working on what I thought was the second volume, Stoc, when I realised that I had enough storyline in my head to push half of what I had forward into a third volume.

This has the added benefit of making the book progression more in line with the journey that the protagonist, Will Arbor, is undertaking.

It should make for a better tale in the end. Otherwise, the story would be too rushed. You see I have an outline of where I want the story to finish up with Will Arbor. As I was writing Stoc I realised that I was flying through his discovery of his powers and I needed to spend more time exploring that aspect before I rushed willy-nilly to the conclusion of this part of the tale.

So now I get to introduce the “new” second novel, Craobh, and the “new” third novel, Stoc.

As an aside: If anyone is wondering where I came up with these titles well wonder no longer.  In old Irish, the parts of a tree are named duilleog for the leaf, craobh for the branch, stoc for the trunk (think stalk), and freamhaigh for the root.

It is so easy to write a story, surprisingly. It takes time. Yes, it does, but, it is a labour of love. Imagine you have a hobby you love to do, like trains, or reading or video games. You crave doing that hobby. It makes you happy. So it is with writing. But, it is hard to get it right if I want to let others see what I have done. To make sure that what you set up a hundred pages ago still makes sense to a reader. When you write you are supposed to create an outline and work from that but like any confrontation with the enemy your original, well-reasoned, outline will not stand up. You need to adjust and manipulate. And adjust and manipulate. Go back time and again and rip out what you thought was brilliant writing and throw it away. Those moments hurt. But, the good news is that it is YOUR story and YOUR imagination. There are no limits to what you can achieve. Then find a good editor to file away the rough edges. Then publish and get your armour on.


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