Sarah Sambles’ Logo (used with permission).

I had the pleasure of attending a marketing workshop hosted by the Canadian Authors Association last evening (Nov 13, 2018). I went because I had the opportunity to once again enjoy the wisdom and gentle guidance of Sarah Sambles, their guest speaker. Sarah is located in Ottawa, Canada and offers writers tips on marketing and more.

Yes, marketing. The bane of writers everywhere. Especially self-published ones like yours truly.

Sarah approaches marketing for writers in a way that will have you nodding your head and grimacing. Nodding your head because it MAKES SENSE, and grimacing because IT IS WORK. There is no magic bullet, in case you were wondering. It’s about a fair exchange of my novel to you the reader for the joy I hope I give you by reading my material. And somehow reaching that reader base of like-minded people.

Her one key take away: writers need to have empathy with the reader and find a way to connect and resonate with them. I sure hope I am doing that! Speaking of which, I hired Sarah for a one-on-one session a few weeks back. I am still working on implementing her recommendations. It was time well spent for me.

To my fellow authors: She is so worth your investment of time and a little money.

Here’s how to contact her: