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Piglet is my hero. Seriously.

Of all the fictional characters I could choose, I choose Piglet. He’s an amazing little guy. He is almost always right, morally correct, and ethically sound. Growing up, he was the embodiment of the knights I read about and wanted to be. Sir Piglet. That has a nice ring to it.

Oh, and Spider-Man. My hero number two…

Duilleog Second Edition

Duilleog cover with Global Ebook Award Nominee badge.

Duilleog cover with Global Ebook Award Nominee badge.

Duilleog Second Edition

Dear readers, some good news about the Second Edition. Amazon has approved the Duilleog Second Edition. However, because the changes were considered minor in nature they will not be sending an email out to people. Instead, you will need to manually do this by logging into your Kindle account on Amazon, hover over “Shop by Department“, move down to “Kindle E-Readers & Books” and slide your mouse over to click on “Manage Your Content and Devices“. Under the Contents tab, look for Duilleog and click on the update selection. Note, if you had previously turned on “Automatic updates” under the Settings tab, the new version will be sent to you, automatically. I have confirmed this with my own copy.

Why have this convoluted process? The answer: Amazon will not automatically push new content to subscribers unless they have already selected that option. The reason being that readers can highlight and make notes on their Kindles and any new update will wipe anything they entered into the book. “What?” you ask. “People make notes? Whatever for?” I can only tell you to ask a student who reads her/his textbooks on a Kindle. That should answer your questions.

Why should you care about this second edition of Duilleog? Well, I moved the extract to my second novel into the first one as an Epilogue and in so doing I also added a bit of content to it. This Second Edition is arguably a much cleaner version and has a few missed typos corrected. If you purchased Duilleog through the Amazon Print on Demand service, CreateSpace, then I’m sorry you have missed the content. The good news is that I am including it in Craobh before the novel begins. So when you purchase the next book you will see the newer content.

Octopus Books

In other news, Octopus Books on Third Avenue in the Glebe area of Ottawa, Canada has graciously agreed to display Duilleog (Second Edition) in their store. If you are in Ottawa and want a trade paperback version of Duilleog then please stop by, buy the book, and then tell the owners how much you adore the writing of Donald D. Allan. Heh. It’s a gorgeous store that focuses on Independent Writers. So I really like them, too.  It is such a perfect store for the Glebe area. Stop by even is you don’t want to buy my book and have a nice browse. You’ll love it. You can’t imagine all the wonderful titles they carry.

Beta Readers

Well, I have seven beta readers all lined up for Craobh. I have given them access to Craobh: Part Three (first half of the novel) and can’t wait for them to tell me what they think. I should have done this with Duilleog. I am so very thankful to these folks. I’ll name them when/if they allow me to. They are friends, family and strangers.  Perfect mix. I still will welcome more beta readers, so if you are interested please drop me a line at


Global Ebook Awards 2016 and Duilleog Second Edition

Duilleog cover with Global Ebook Award Nominee badge.

Duilleog cover with Global Ebook Award Nominee badge.

Awards Nomination

Duilleog is now nominated for the Dan Poynter’s Global EBook Awards for 2016  in the category Fantasy/Other World Fiction. Winners will be announced in August 2016. Until then I get bragging rights. Not sure what else to say other than Amazon, Smashwords and Kobo have all been updated to reflect the nomination. The updated book cover looks like the media added to this post. Its nice – but not yet a bronze, silver or gold badge. And yes, I need stinking badges! Or if you prefer the Blazin’ Saddles version. Or my favourite version from the movie UHF. But I digress.

Duilleog, A New Druids Series novel, Volume One

Good News! Everyone who purchased Duilleog Edition One from Amazon will soon be pushed the Second Edition! I had to work with Amazon on this. It was my first time and it was rather simple. Big shout out AGAIN to Steve Chase for his notes he drafted that led to Edition Two. I simply handed those notes into Amazon and they accepted that as evidence of the changes. Amazon is not a bad company at all and they protect buyers and sellers. It would be nothing for someone to scam Amazon by selling something and then pushing out new versions all under the auspices of a new edition. So I had to show where the changes were. Amazon breaks it down as follows:

  1. Corrections to distracting errors. If we find only minor corrections,  we won’t notify customers by e-mail, but we’ll activate their ability to update the content through the “Manage Your Content and Devices” page on
  2. Corrections to destructive or critical errors. If we find major corrections, we’ll alert the customers who already own your book via email. These customers have the option to use the “Manage Your Content and Devices” page on to receive your book updates.
  3. Corrections to critical errors needed. If we find more major corrections are needed, we will temporarily remove your book from sale. We’ll notify you of the issues we found so you can fix them. Once the improvements are made, just let us know and we’ll email customers just like we do for major corrections.

I should know in seven days or less which of the above corrections categories they select and let everyone know here. It should be #2 because I moved the Craobh excerpt into Duilleog as an Epilogue. That was “destructive”. heh.

For those that bought the trade paperback version: I will put the Epilogue up here for you to read once I release Craobh.

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