Full Cover

Duilleog Full Cover

Well here it is. This is my first book cover.  Hopefully this will stand out against the thousands of other books on Amazon.  It was fun creating this and now I have a template to use for future books in this series.  I’ll post the single cover page as well in a moment. That will be the cover for Kindle uploads.  The empty white box is where the bar code gets printed by CreateSpace. Just in case you were wondering.

All images and graphics were obtained from www.123RF.com – a royalty free website full of images and such.  So I paid a fee for each image and then I need to credit them – which I do under the copyright page.  I had to ‘modify’ the images a little – hopefully that doesn’t piss off the artists.  Shouldn’t.

I was so surprised when I stumbled upon the top image – the one with the castle in the background. It popped up with another search string and shouldn’t even have appeared. But it did and I immediately knew it was right for my book. I love it.  I stretched the image across the front and back – some is hidden off page and below the lower section.  If anyone is interested I’ll post the image up on its own with artist credit attached.

This is not a cheap adventure in hindsight, but my goodness it has been fun so far.  I begin working on the second draft today.  That will be hard work. I’ll have to trim a bit and that will be like cutting a couple of inches off one of my children…le sigh…