Progress Report

9 Sep

I am getting through my first revision much faster than I expected it would take. And, surprisingly, it is actually fun. I thought I would be slicing and dicing but in reality I am adding content more than I am taking away. I also found a small plot problem so that works.

Duilleog (Volume One) looks like it will be around 100,000 words – or about 250 paperback pages. That seems reasonable for a first novel.  I have decided, today, to include an excerpt from the second volume in it at the end: As an incentive to buy the second one, don’t you know. All-in-all its positive progress!

What I wish is that a free editor-person would fall out the sky and say “I’ll professionally edited your book for freeeeeeee!”  That would be something!


3 Sep

showcase-scrivener_headerSo I bought Scrivener about a year ago and enjoyed it on my PCs.  I started my novels using MS Word but found it problematic and really not good for all the pieces and bits that go into making a novel. I accidently found an article posted on that talked about Scrivener and I tried the 30 day trial and fell in love.  If you don’t know what Scrivener is go over to and check it out!

I became so enraptured with it I went out and bought a MacBook Air just so I could use the Mac version. The PC version trails the Mac version by a margin large enough for me to want to move over.  I can’t imagine writing without it.

Shameless plug…I know…

First Blog Post

2 Sep

Hi everyone.

This is my blog site to unabashedly promote and talk about my novels. I am a new writer although I have been writing my whole life – its just now I am taking it seriously enough to want to try and get other people to read what I write. I started writing a novel back in October 2013 and the book has just poured out of my head onto paper. The novel is called Duilleog: A New Druids Novel, Volume One. It’s fantasy and I am sitting at ~100,000 words thus far for the first volume. And about 20,000 words into the second volume.